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Poster Session

Session 1 – Solar activity

Lessons and surprises current cycle of solar activity (V. Ishkov)
Relative kinematics of the leading edge and the prominence in coronal mass ejections (D. Maricic, B. Vrsnak, D. Rosa)
The post-eruptive arcade formation in the limb event on July 31, 2004 from microwave solar observations with the RATAN-600 radio telescope (I. Yu. Grigoryeva, V. N. Borovik, M. A. Livshits, L. K. Kashapova)

Session 2 – Magnetospheric and atmospheric variation

Annual and UT distribution of geomagnetic disturbances for different intensity levels (T. Kuznetsova, A. Laptukhov)
Dynamics of the auroral precipitation zones during solar wind recurrent streams and magnetic clouds (I. Despirak, A. Lubchich, V. Guineva)
Four decades of  geomagnetic and Solar activity: 1960-2001 (G. Verbanac, B. Vrsnak, M. Temmer, M. Mandea, M. Korte)
Intense magnetic field Bz component in geoeffective solar wind structures at Earth’s orbit (V. G. Eselevich, M. V. Eselevich, V. G. Fainshtein, K. Georgieva, L. K. Kashapova, B. Kirov, G. V. Rudenko)
Morning-evening asymmetry during magnetic storms (O.Yagodkina,  V.Vorobjev I.Despirak)
Nonstationary solar wind structures and its influence on substorm bulge development (I. Despirak, A. Lubchich, V. Guineva)
Ozone dynamics over Bulgaria during the 23 solar cycle (B. Mendeva, T. Gogosheva, D. Krastev)
The role of magnetoshreic lobes in Solar wind-megnetosphere-ionosphere relations (R. Koleva, E. Grigorenko)
Variations of aurora emissions during substorms connected with different solar wind streams (Zh. V. Dashkevich, I. V. Despirak, V. Guineva)

Session 3 – Heliospheric conditions and cosmic rays modulations

Solar cycle and solar cycle related oscilations in spaced measurements of solar wind at near-Earth orbit (T. Kuznetsova)
Solar wind turbulence conditions. VLBI observations (V. Shepelyev, O. Lytvynenko)

Session 4 – Space Weather impacts and climatic aspects

Cosmic Ray modulation by Corotating Interaction Regions (J. Calogovic, B. Vrsnak, M. Temmer, M. A. Veronig)
Impact of space weather on forest ecological status on Earth (The case study of lowland forests in Croatia) (I. Pilas, D. Rosa, J. Rosa)
Influence of space climate and space weather on the Earth (T. Kuznetsova)

Session 5 – Observing Techniques and Data Handling

Catalogue of solar flare spectra observed at Ondrejov in 1998-2007. (Yu. A. Kupryakov, P. Kotrc, L. K. Kashapova)
Radio telescope for space radio burst monitoring (A.A. Konovalenko, O. O. Lytvynenko, I. O. Lytvynenko, I. S. Falkovich)
Space weather effects on surface charging of space vehicles, and an instrument for measuring the surface charging of the International Space Station (B. Kirov)