STEM education in astronomy and astrophysics and EU projects




Zvjezdarnica Zagreb offers professional support in the implementation of EU projects as a partner and implementer of various programs,
as well as providing professional support. In short, the Observatory can offer the following activities:

Interdisciplinary scientific and educational support with modern methods of work and education with many years of experience.
Reception of students, teachers and participants of the project as a school group with an appropriate lecture, observation of the sky through a telescope and a tour of the astronomical instruments and equipment of the Observatory.
Educational workshops with scientific STEM contents in the field of astronomy for teachers, classroom teachers and educators.
The observatory also has portable telescopes with professional equipment for day and night observation, and it is possible for our expert associates to come to the school/institution to organize observations of astronomical bodies for the participants.
Preparation and implementation of teacher and student education, as well as advice in the selection of equipment and professional assistance in the ways of its use, collaborators of the Observatory can be involved as natural persons, whereby the cost would be a partial contract or possibly an author’s fee.
Sale of educational materials, such as books, posters, magazines, etc. (for more, see PRICE LIST of Zvjezdarnica editions).

The place of education can be the Zagreb Observatory (at an agreed time, outside the regular programs of the Observatory, address: Opatička 22, Zagreb), or the school/institution foreseen in your project.

The cost of the activity depends on the specific needs of the project.

The costs of individual activities (transportation, possibly accommodation, per diem) would be borne by the project applicants.

The applicant should provide us with the planned activities (their number, number of participants) in order to create a detailed cost estimate. Related to your need for education and professional help in the realization of a project in the field of astronomy and STEM education.

You can see short biographies of the experts of the Observatory’s associates at the following link: LINK


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