Science and Scientific work

The Observatory staff successfully participate in the national and international research projects in the field of physics of the sun and cosmic radiation. The published articles in prestigious scientific journals confirm the high distinctiveness of employees and involvement in the current astronomical research. This segment is the largest contributor to the international reputation of the Zagreb Observatory. The installation of the new telescope, H-alpha filter and CCD cameras significantly improved the quality of patrol observations of the Sun, and cooperation is enhanced with traditional partners – Observatory Kanzelhöhe in Austria and Hvar Observatory. The collected data contribute to global efforts for a better and a more continuous monitoring of the solar activity. The program of observations and recording of astronomical phenomena is realized in cooperation with the Astronomical Astronautical Society Zagreb. The modernization of instruments and related equipment improved and extended those observations, especially those astronomical phenomena that can have scientific significance (occultation, variable stars, etc.). Data Recording (whether photographic or digital) is relatively extensive work and has an educational character as they can involve pupils and students. Significantly increased quality thanks to the new telescope and CCD camera. Observatory as a sort of “service center” amateur astronomers, interested citizens, school groups and students, provides a variety of professional information and astronomical data. The Observatory also supports all major educational and popularization projects. It is especially important to support and further develop international cooperation with similar institutions and organizations, which is of considerable mutual benefit. International co-operation is aimed at countries that participate in similar scientific research projects of the Sun, as well as in similar educational programs. The Observatory staff regularly participates in conferences in the country and on the international level. This component  has been recognized at the international level. The Observatory has in his function the  SuperSID monitor for ionization state of the ionosphere and SEVAN CRO detector of cosmic radiation, which is the only instrument of this type in this geographic area and is part of an international network, a project with a number of international awards including that of the UN.