Magazine Čovjek i svemir

The magazine Čovjek i svemir (eng. Man and the Universe) is an astronomical – astronautic newspaper which the Observatory Zagreb issues since 1956 in cooperation with the Astronomical societies in Croatia and it’s the only magazine of that type in Croatia. Čovjek i svemir is published four times during the school year with a circulation of about 1000 copies. It is primarily intended for students and teachers, but also for amateurs and all lovers of the natural sciences and astronomy. Čovjek i svemir is useful as an extra edition to school classes, optional classes and extracurricular activities. Čovjek i svemir explains clearly and in popular fashion the current and proven scientific information on astronomy, astronautics and other natural sciences, and it is appropriate help to amateur astronomers.

The magazine Čovjek i svemir is issued with the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and the City of Zagreb – City office for Education, Culture and Sports.