Bulletin BOLID

Bulletin BOLID is since 1974. the newsletter of Zagreb Observatory and the Croatian Union of Amateur Astronomical Societies. It is designed for advanced amateur astronomers, astronomical associations and groups and individuals who are engaged in professional and scientific work. It publishes expert and practical work, instructions for observations and data processing and astronomical data. It is published four times a year with a circulation of about 400 copies per individual number. The work on the regulation and administration is carried out in the Observatory. One of the annual editions is also the astronomical yearbook, which is a certain replacement of the former edition of “Almanac Bošković” .Bilten BOLID comes outwith the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and the City of Zagreb – City office for Education, Culture and Sports.

Astronomical yearbook BOLID – 25.00 HRK (+ postage)
Older numbers Astronomical year-old BOLID is available at a price of 5.00 HRK (+ postage)