General Astronomy Course

During the school year there are organized courses in general astronomy for elementary and secondary schools, and the general public. The main purpose is to learn basic knowledge in astronomy, and to inspire initiative of students interested in astronomy and related natural and technical sciences.

Lectures are performed by our prominent experts and scholars.The lectures feature popular science themes and are accompanied by attractive representations of astronomical content. The organization of courses includes: selection of topics and speakers, making promotional materials and notifications, preparation and development of teaching materials and more.

Lectures are held on Tuesdays from 20: 15h to 21: 00h in the lecture hall of the Zagreb Observatory(Opatička 22, Zagreb).

The course is free and prior registration is not required. Participants have a discount on magazines and content released by the Zagreb Observatory (books, cards …).

Lectures are for students of primary and secondary schools and students – astronomy and astrophysics, and for general public.

The lectures are on Croatian language