Thanks to our traditional programs and contemporary approaches, Observatory of Zagreb is successfully carrying out four basic activities:

The Promotional programs opened the door to the Observatory for many citizens and school groups. It enables the observation of the sky with the new telescope, and a number of modern and interesting presentations affirmed the observatory as a hub of social life of people interested in science and natural history, as well as for cultural events.

Educational programs complement a gap in the regular school system and provide young people with an interest in astronomy to acquire adequate knowledge. During the school year there are regular courses, workshops and other projects appropriate to the age of participants. One of the most important projects  is an international astronomical Olympiad, which is carried through the Observatory of Zagreb.

Publishing includes the regular publication of periodical publications and periodically published non-periodical publications, such as books, posters and astronomical charts.

Scientific work includes researches in the field of physics of the Sun and the heliosphere of the Sun and the Earth and cosmic radiation, writing professional scientific papers, regular monitoring of astronomical phenomena and expert advising.