Astronomical Data

Numerous astronomical data can be found in the “Little astronomical yearbook” that is published within the magazine of Zagreb Observatory “Bolid”. (All magazines and issues of Observatory of Zagreb are on Croatian language).

In addition to our site we publish data on the rising and setting of the Sun in Zagreb, the beginnings of the seasons and the phases of the Moon. We recommend searching for the data on the rising and setting of the Sun outside of Zagreb on online ephemeris. Data on the rising and setting can be found on the online services like Time and Date ( etc.

Note: All information published on our site are shown at CET. It is necessary to add one hour to the data when the daylight saving time is in use. The decision on the introduction of daylight saving time for a given year is decided by the Government of the Republic of Croatia (Regulation of the Croatian Government can be found in the newspaper “Narodne Novine”).


Statement Disclaimer
All information on this site is informative and Zagreb Observatory assumes no responsibility for any errors and consequences resulting from the use of published data.