Equipment and premises



In November 2007, a new TMB APO 175/1400 mm refracting telescope was mounted on a new base, together with a GM4000. The same assemblage also incorporates the tubus of the „old“ telescope (a Zeiss 130/1950 mm refractor), which was adapted for observation of the Sun in the Hα line, and a CORONADO PST H alpha telescope (40/400 mm) for visual observation of the Sun in the Hα line. The main telescope is primary used for visual observation of the night sky and the Sun. In December 2008, a cosmic ray particle detector, deployed as a part of the SEVAN Network, was put in operation. In operation is also a SID monitor (for monitoring of ionosphere ionization changes due to the solar activity).

The Observatory has several smaller portable telescopes (Celestron 200/2000 mm, Konus 80/900 mm refractor etc.) and binoculars as well as a modern computer equipment.

As far as the multimedia equipment is concerned, the Observatory possesses a LCD projector, a video and TV set, an overhead projector, and a slide-projector.


The Observatory comprises the last floor of the building complex in Opatička Street 22, along with a terrace, where the telescope dome is located. The Observatory premises include a lecture room for an audience of 50, a room for astrophotography, 5 office rooms, a library, and a small common space.