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Tečaj opće astronomije
General Astronomy Course

During the school year there are organized courses in general astronomy for elementary and secondary schools, and the general public. The main purpose is to learn basic knowledge in astronomy, and to inspire initiative of students interested in astronomy and related natural and technical sciences.

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Napredni tečaj
Advanced Astronomy Course

The Advanced Astronomy course is a program for elementary and secondary school students that serves as a preparation for competitions in astronomy and Olympiad and is held every working Thursday during the school year at 20 h on the Zagreb Observatory. The course is free...

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Javna predavanja
Public lectures about Astronomy

The traditional popular lectures about astronomy and related natural and technical sciences are held regularly as part of the “Popular Wednesday”. They are intended for the widest circle of listeners, and the topics are usually adjusted for the most recent events that are happening in...

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Astronomska ljetna škola
Astronomy Summer School

The traditional school includes elementary school students, high school students and teachers. The goal is to educate students and the introduce scientific methods of research. Forms of work are lectures, practical work, observations, data processing and presentation of results. During each day of the school...

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Međunarodna olimpijada iz astronomije i astrofizike
International Astronomical Olympiads

International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics competition is intended for high school students. The competition is organized in two parts theoretical (problem solving) and practice (which is divided into a part of observational and data processing). Croatian students participating in it since 2011

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Astronomske radionice
Astronomy Workshops

Astronomy workshops are intended for children in the primary school. They are most often carried out three times during the school year and it is always at a time when there is school pause. Winter Workshop is in the early January, the spring workshop after...

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Astronomical bulletin Bolid


The sale of the new issues of the bulletin “BOLID”: “Astronomical Yearbook for 2017” and “Photometry using CCD / CMOS sensors
and some possible applications ”
For detailed information about the purchase and subscription to the bulletin “BOLID”...

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Astronomical magazine Čovjek i svemir

Čovjek i svemir

The sale of the new issue of the magazine “Čovjek i svemir” (no. 2, 2016/17). In this issue, read:

– Zemlja! Zemlja crvenog patuljka
– Metode otkrivanja ekstrasolarnih planeta
– Svemirske letjelice za Mjesec dio 1.

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